Comrades on the Road

I believe there is a conspiracy ongoing

involving all of us.

I don’t know when or where it began,

nor who initiated it.

They occult from me their talks

just I approach one of them.

It seems to me a stealthy fellowship,

a strange one, of saints and demons,

angels and warlocks, even goblins.

They congregate to rule all people,

fighting for our souls, one by one.

Someone has been told it is a caste

that rids humanity by wrecking

and leaves it alive on the road,

leavening us before ultimate battle.

Published in the Subterranean Blue, June 2015 issue.

Published in Sirens Call Publications, issue 45, June 2019

Published in Free Lit Magazine, February 2020,  the Fantasy Issue.

Translated into French as “Camarades sur la Route”, by the author and Rebbeca Banks, and published in Poesie Bleu Souterrain, in June 2015.

Published in The Chamber Magazine, May 7 2021

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