Weightings in a Ray of Light

On “The waiting room of Union State, Chicago, Illinois, January 1943,

photo by Jack Delano”


God created light and it cannot be extinguished.

It has warmed and illuminated us since the beginning of world,

it is free, does not accept restrictions or barriers.

It has its own time and hides itself every 12 hours,

when makes night for us, and day for lands

beyond distant horizons.

So planned the Creator, who, in his wisdom,

gave us the rest we need to win our daily deals.

We had the intelligence to create our own light,

that gives us security and relief in the night hours,

but we know it does not compare to the original one.

We see that the artist, expert and on sentry duty,

witnessed the entrance of the light at its right time,

untimely and powerful, uninvited guest,

one that cannot be asked to leave.

We may, perhaps, in a near day, make a new light,

a spiritual one that rectifies human behavior

and ennobles our soul, turning it more fraternal,

regardless of race, color, religion or intimate belief.


This poem and all others at this blog, authored by Edilson Afonso Ferreira ©

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