Who watches over my sleep?

Who prevents me from falling on the bottomless cliffs?

Who keeps beating my cold and disconsolate heart,

after its daily hardships, usual unavoidable clashes?

Who enlightens my spirit, shielding it from world’s rust?

Who embraces my soul, caress and puts her to rest,

sovereign and survivor from the evil-wants of life?

Who breathes on me a new life at dawn, and says –

_ This world is yours again, I’ve kept it since you fell asleep;

work; pursue treasures and fame, play, laugh, love and sing!

It is my Lord, since the beginning of my days,

always backing me, so weak a vassal, to fulfill,

among dear fellow ones, my mission on Earth.

Earthly Desire

Pardon me, my God, but simple and devoid

from greatest ambitions a man I always am,

I don’t expect to be led to live in the Paradise.

I wish to say that I love so much this planet

You have granted us from so earliest ages,

home to countless our ancestors.

I love every sunrise, all new days calling me

for joining forces opening new work fronts.

I love the scarlet red sunset that announces

the day’s end, enchanting and bewitching

the early evening, full of beautiful women,

loving sisters of our race, only found here,

nowhere else.

I learned to love hard and heavy the way

we were condemned to gain our bread,

since the disobedience of our forefathers.

May I live my eternal life, if so I deserve it,

not in the Heavens with  saints and angels,

but in my native earth,

forever smelling its brown ochre, around

sinful, yet amorous brothers and sisters.



“Genesis 1-27 – So God created mankind in his own image,

                             in the image of God he created them;

                             male and female he created them”


This is how our history has been told in your book,

in the words of your saints and prophets,

matter we must never doubt of.

Forgive us for questioning, but where

the power and omnipotence we should display,

which we have been looking for for so long?

Where the wisdom and clearness proper of a God;

where our eternal life or, at least, someone like

that of Methuselah, who lived for 969 years?

We lived around for so little, and so quickly

You banished us, locking the Paradise Gate,

there placing those cherubims brandishing

their deathly flaming swords.

Perhaps in lieu of the immortality, we developed

greatest and warmest one love, for and from

each one of us, as You could never dream of.

Perhaps, may You believe,

forgotten of your primeval purpose,

so we would prefer to continue living.

Cherished Desires

I feel I could never be related to owls, bats

and wolfs, or other nocturnal animals.

I love at daylight stare at world face to face,

entirely visualizing all its beauties.

I love the sunrise that dispels the blackness,

exposing and revealing everything, without

shame, measure or prudency.

I love to feel that we’re on the road again,

to a future we aren’t aware of, but confident

in one Almighty that, closely and amorously,

hidden and discreet, maybe even shy,

drives and guides all of us.

I love the noise of people on streets and alleys,

corners and places,

jointly seeking to move hard wheels of time.

I prefer love vows done clear under the sun

than those by the rapture of night passions.

I must confess that, on some sunny days,

and blue a sky,

I dream to ride the winds high and high,

looking for the lost realms of Paradise.


Scheduled for publication in the Sept-Oct. 2017 issue of Indiana Voice Journal.

This poem, and all others at this blog, authored by Edilson Afonso Ferreira ©

Your Earthly Days

At your birth, you frightened people

by loud and harsh a cry, clamoring

by the loss of the motherly warmth

and arriving, without prior consent

at strange, indeed bright new world.

Since then, immutable fate, which

always writes the history of our days,

has given you, besides your family,

your friends, lovers, also enemies.

This, with little of hard a toil and

unfailing faith, fatally will bring you

the lot awarded for all of us: doubts

and fears, defeats, and, sometimes,

some triumphs and glories.

Expect usual and pitiless pain, but

never abdicate to pursue happiness,

although always hidden and furtive.

Prior to all, remember Eternity remains

on the Lost Paradise, far beyond from us.

Valorize your earthly days, never denying

those dark and dull ones, they are as a fee

to be alive; they are our Star of David, that

we must not refuse to carry.

Blend them with the happy ones, smiling

and going ahead, fearless and audacious,

just as must be a man.


Published in Red Wolf Journal, April 7, 2017.

Scheduled for publication in the Sept-Oct.2017 issue of Indiana Voice Journal

Hidden Reality Show

No one knows, even dreams, what stories

have unfolded on these now empty rooms,

passions they have witnessed and secrets

forever buried within.

Comedies, dramas and tragedies, it looks

like Broadway seasons, although staged

only for walls displaying their pictures,

mute and discreet spectators.

Unlike professional actors and actresses,

these ones took a point on anonymity, but

should be applauded, for they presented

their roles live, without usual rehearsals.

With magnificence, grace and proficiency,

they played so great a plot, sleepless and

day after day, as well as, indeed, any of us.

Published in Creative Talents Unleashed, July 22, 2017, Featured Writer.



The Voice Within

There is a voice that never stops to speak,

no one hears it, but me.

It talks to me wherever I am,

but at the solitude of night and alone in my room,

it is better heard.

Never ceases to say there has been an angel,

special envoy of our Lord, always protecting

and looking after me, since I was a child.

Every year I live,

I am learning more and more to understand

and decipher all messages passed to me.

The voice says that my mission still persists

and I have all the means to comply with.

It says that past misdeeds, stumbles and tumbles

have happened for nothing more than to give me

all strength and confidence I am now able to.

So I believe and cannot doubt anymore.

The mission I can never fail to it is the simplest

one creature must fulfill for his Creator, that of,

always and everywhere,

praise Him.