Blessed be those

who are opening paths without knowing if they will have

the strength to conclude it;

who put themselves to the test without further ado than the love

for a cause and the fervor to fight the good fight;

who believe that people are made to accomplish one

for the other, performing generous a mankind;

who are full of projects for the next years, even fearful

by the ones of next week;

who fall in love and are not afraid to demonstrate it;

who plant a tree fully aware never will reap its fruits

nor sit by its shadow, but fully contented for,

someday, it will serve for a fellow one,

indebted to a past kindness.

Published in the February 2016 issue of Indiana Voice Journal.

Published in Highland Park Poetry, Winter 2017 issue

Published in The Lake, November 2018 issue

Published in Free Lit Magazine, July 2019 issue (The Humanities issue)

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