Silent Witnesses

It is common our disputes about this and that.

Really, almost daily, we are at opposite sides.

Friends say we are not well-settled a couple,

and such misjudgment, I know, hurts us equally.

In the deeps of night, standing awake in bed,

I look at you asleep and feel all my friends’ error.

Who would bear testimony of us, I ask myself.

Walls and roofs by sure know our inmost life

but they do not speak, are invalid witnesses.

I ask them if just to me would they say of us.

They say of our confronts, furies, rough words

and revilements but also remember hugs and

hot kisses. Also, remember having heard

some words like it is cold out, dear, wear your

coat or don’t be late, darling; some little things

only beloved ones are capable of.

They say we are at hard and arduous a battle,

pursuing, although scarce, a bit of true love.

They also say to keep the route and fear nothing.

Tiles and bricks, indeed, they are; but perceive,

unlike our best friends, the very plot of the play.

First published in TWJ Magazine, October 2014.

Published in Amomancies, July 2015; in Whispers, August 2015.

Published in Indiana Voice Journal, February 2016 issue.

Published in Dead Snakes, March 21, 2016.

Published in The Basil O’Flaherty, July 2016.

Published in Snapdragon, December 2016.

Published in Better than Starbucks, May 2018 issue

Published in Free Lit Magazine, November 2019

Published in WestWard Quarterly, printed winter 2023 issue

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