Are some Cherubims still on guard?

 -The first enchantment and its punishment–


When we and this world were young, long ago,

God inhabited the Garden of Eden and cared us.

He loved us with so stern and strange affection.

Once, woman tried to raise her companion

more close to God,

more equal to Him.

Had not He created man to His likeness?

Indeed, she looked for security and plenitude,

perhaps a kind of a fellowship with their Lord.

Then, she taught man the science of good and evil,

  • The science of life –

changing his role in the play from man to human,

and from companion to husband.

Plenty of delight, he jumped, danced and sang.

God heard and asked – what this carol?  Who does this come from?

Astonished and without clemency, He banished them,

saying – “you will eat bread with the sweat of your face;

toiling the land, you will suffer with thorns and thistles;

your sons will come to light with suffering for your wife.”

Oh, God, You created wise and beautiful a woman

and surely your son has had no other choice than

madly to fall in love with her!

Would it not be time to forget and forgive, disarming

some cherubims’ flaming swords?

Published in Dead Snakes, February 07, 2015.

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