Sudden Love

When I saw you and faced your beauty,

you did not know that I was ignorant of love.

Nor did I.

But you dared with the adventure of youth

and, fearful, surprised, seduced, I was loved.


Love came, all of a sudden, firm and bold.

Despite not expected, he lodged as beloved son

who, long absent, returns to the paternal home.


You stared at me and your lips and eyes said words

I had never known and never listened to: I love you.

By these words, like a blessing, you joined us forever.


I remember that I felt as if I was caught in a rain,

one of those admirable summer rains,

that shakes the winds and frightens with thunderbolts

but cleans skies, shines hearts, refreshes the soul.


With love you blew slumbering coals

that I had never supposed would exist.

The flame lit and rises, higher and higher;

maybe it reaches even our hidden heaven.


Take care that flame just warms it, do not destroy,

nor reveals to suspicious and envious human eyes.


(Published in Red Wolf Journal, January 16, 2016)

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