Remarks about a Birth Signal

Once, a hopeless face at the corner, for fear,

did not dare to ask you for alms.

Then, in spite of having noticed this,

you kept on your way.

Once, a friend spoke to you about his sorrows,

hoping you would be as confidant or counselor;

you actually noticed this, but,

indeed, you did not dare to.

You surely remember, another day, that business,

so good for you and a bad bargain for the other,

and you, even conscious, have closed it.

By one other day, hearing just your son spoke

in loud and clear,

some hard and insidious words to the world,

you, silent, did not restrain him.

Knowing true love one woman is capable of,

and surely aware yours the most loving of all,

you have never loved her half this way.

Although late we are to demand such things,

do not forget we were marked by birth a signal,

that of be answerable for any of our equals.

May we also say that to you, God-gifted a man,

it is not allowed so little a support and cherish.


Published in Dead Snakes, March 21, 2016.


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