Undelivered Letter

Returned by Post – “unable to gain access”.


Dad, we have had no opportunity to talk.

You do not believe how much has changed

this world which so fondly you have bequeathed

to all of us.

The grocery man does not accept cash,

everybody needs to have a bank account

and a credit card.

No more milkmen nor glass bottles, but

milk boxes that all people buy at immense

supermarkets, with their cameras sleepless

and furtively watching over us.

No more sidewalk chairs on the front porch

and neighbors sharing the latest daily news.

There are no more letters,

no business letters, no love letters;

there are only e-mails, sent by a computer,

which is called a PC.

Photos are saved in a computer and no of more

glued in a photo album, no more the fun you

and mom had in collecting them.

All people have cell phones that we must take

anywhere we go, and nobody has more privacy.

But, in spite of all of this, we are still alive

and remind of you every day.

Published in Creative Talents Unleashed, June 12, 2016 (Featured Writer).


Published in Tree House Arts, April 11, 2018


Published in Snapdragon, A Journal of Art & Healing, Sep 15, 2018.


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