A Poet’s Passions

I’m a proud member of a certified sinners’ brotherhood,

those who are faithful vassals of moonlit nights,

arousing torrid passions in sweet ladies, sometimes

sweet cute girls.

I can never resist every and any of the world’s beauties,

like a golden rose or a field’s daisy; also, in the summers,

in the afternoon, those corns’ ears pouring in the sun

their charming blonde hairs.

I love the plains and the mountains, the creeks flowing

to the rivers and seas, the birds crowning and cresting

above us — attentive and loving sentinels –

I love the scarlet red sunset announcing the day’s end,

enchanting and bewitching the early evening.

I love to run through far horizons discovering people

who help me to feed the fire I have been carrying, and,

along the way, inspire me to write some lyric sonnets.


Published in The Lake, November 2016 issue.


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