Friends By The Way

There is always a balance in life,

between the heavens and earth,

God and humans,

the sacred and profane.

Many times by such hit-and-miss borders,

designed through the seen and the unseen,

we cannot discover the source

of our happiness and misfortunes,

our joy and sorrows.

Always unable to manage life’s seasons,

we enjoy some halcyon ones blended

with others so disturbing.

There are tragedies on the ground floor,

made by incautious people, not prevented

by incautious guardian angels,

being healed by the Almighty, many times

by our own human brothers, some of them

the most unthinkable ones.

We follow fighting everyday vicissitudes,

joining hands with all of our friends,

the visible and the hidden ones,

any of them we must ever dismiss.


Published in Young Ravens Literary Review, issue 6, Summer 2017 issue.

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