My Creed And My Tears

Today I opened my mourning’s season.

I cried for the lack of solidarity and brotherhood,

for the existence, till today, of countries’ borders,

increasing inequalities and suffering among people;

for the estrangement among whites and blacks,

yellows and browns, Christians and Muslims;

for the rich who reach water from golden faucets

and the poor who carry it in the buckets;

for the wine and salmon tables of the mansions

and yesterday’s bread passing from hand to hand;

for the security of the politicians for the coming years

and the fear of the common people for tomorrow;

for the dreams of the righteous, that have not come true

and the audacity of the insolents who are not intimidated;

for my lack of faith that everything is in our Lord’s hands

and in His extreme love for us.

My tears have washed my body and eased my soul.

When I die, no need to cry more.

I have already cried for what matters, at least for me.


Published in Red Wolf Journal, November 16, 2016.

Published in Spirit Fire Review, issue 10, June 2017.

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