Comrades By The Journey

On streets and alleys, squares and corners,

roads, meadows and mountains,

walking or anchored in the sun, moon, rain

or snow, in a the good mood; sometimes,

in a mood swing; we go discovering new friends.

Attracted by similarities or else curious

for the differences, we enrich our mind and

happily dip into other tastes and treats, what

always alleviates our day to day.

Some of these friends, in due time or even

instantly, are chosen to be our lovers;

this is the natural way of things and

we must not deny it.

But, friends or lovers, we must not forget

to take them from our conquered mind,

yet conquered spirit, to the inner of heart

and feel if it remains in peace.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit”, our Lord said,

and I dare to say: blessed are the rich in the heart!


Published in Indiana Voice Journal, February 2017 issue.

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