Dangerous Regression

Sometimes I venture to make a risky journey.

I go to the past, long ago, distant and perilous.

The road I take has been built entirely by me,

in very hard a way no one at all dreams of.

Rough a path and full of so many deviations,

that even me, well used to, I go so timorous.

Now, I see that there were no other choices,

for only this way would lead me where I am.

Where and what I must be ever since I was.

In this visit, I see friends, lovers, enemies,

grandfathers and cousins, see also myself.

Then, undoubtedly alive, they talk to me,

ask for news and soon we are laughing,

like old comrades who were absent for so long.

On leaving, one or other intend to follow me,

but I go home alone.

I suspect that past is jealous of its deeds

and always hides how has woven them.

I think it must be visited as few times

as one is capable of.


Published in West Ward Quarterly, the print Spring issue 2016.





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