I don’t like soft-spoken people,

with unhurried speeches and

calculated talks and gestures,

conveying thoughts and doctrines

with professional and doctoral air, users

of attentive audiences and easy applauses.

I get bored and cannot hear them.

I’m aware that time is running out;

our life short, finite and imponderable,

and so inaccurate our common insight

that pompous speech becomes suspicious.

My words are little heard, in fact,

I was born a poet and talk on paper,

where they are written, to be read by people

with all the time and right to refuse them.

My family and friends look like me;

our eyes speak more than words.

But with some lovers I have had,

I spoke not only with looks.

I created a crazy language,

mad and infatued one;

not from mouth to ear,

but from mouth to mouth.

Published in Creative Talents Unleashed, Featured Writer, June 17, 2017.

Published in the Sept-Oct.2017 issue of Indiana Voice Journal

Published in Highland Park Poetry, January 2019 Winter Muses’ Gallery

Published in Tree House Arts, July 24, 2019

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