What I Can Promise

Man that I have born, member

of our common human race

and tied to an expiration date,

unknown but taken for granted

to all of us, I can’t live otherwise,

but in a great hurry.

I can’t wake every day and live as if I were

an old English Lord, boasting a politeness

and a selfness I’m never able or capable of.

I like to be faithful to who and what I am,

heir of poor and suffered our forefathers,

just this, anything more.

No one must expect great deeds, much less

memorable feats, for I didn’t arrive for this.

Indeed a son of God, but He or His Angels

didn’t bequeath me other powers besides

wide friendship and some love to my equals.

Comrade with much proud for brothers and

sisters, I wish to share efforts on moving hard

and heavy wheels of time, towards sacred and

promised a new land, which, I believe,

we are journeying to.


This poem and all others at this blog, authored by Edilson Afonso Ferreira ®


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