In cathedrals and churches,

abbeys and convents;

in the small chapels on the top of the mountains;

in pilgrimages and spiritual retreats

and in the rooms of those who are secluded in house

and cannot leave anymore;

in the sound of the wind that cradles and pushes us

and in the rain that washes and makes us grow;

even in the mute silence of the hidden seed in the womb of earth,

that knows and expects its time to join our world;

everything and everyone congregate at the sacred Te Deum

in honor and glory to the Spirit of our common Creator.

Salvific chant we are never tired of,

truth that redeems and gives us strength

on the journey to Canaan, the promised land

where pours the milk and honey,

and evil never finds shelter.

Published in Spirit Fire Review, September 2018 issue.

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