Life, Seasons and Desires

Let me tell you a secret.

Secrets are made to, at the right and appropriate time,

be revealed and exposed.

They twist and squirm, get tired of the imposed imprisonment

and ask, if not demand, their freedom.

I am a conservative man, averse to change.

I would live my entire life in the same house, same friends,

same loves;

would have my children and their children would be equally ours,

growing, assembling and sharing rooms and lives,

indifferent to strange customs of those

who do not love or even like each other.

We would be like a pack of wolves that are always together

and know no other world but their own.

I like the sun that does not change

and it is the same every day,

heating and never forgetting of us.

I cannot understand the moon, its four phases and four faces,

that makes us fall in love with its brightness and then,

plays hide-and-seek, feminine and elusive wants and appearances.

I would like to have an extended spring without summer,

a fall without winter, succulent fruits the whole year,

packed with gentle rains and tender winds.

My hair could be white, but full and thick,

not meager and thin; my desire active and predatory,

voracious and powerful, facing my last season

with that child’s own haughtiness, still shaped

as a certain book says, in the image and likeness

of noble our Creator.

Published in Free Lit Magazine, November 2018 issue.

Published in Tree House Arts, Feb 20, 2019

Published in West Ward Quarterly, print issue, Winter 2021 (Jan 2021)

This poem and all others at this blog, authored by Edilson Afonso Ferreira ©

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