When night comes and sleep does not appear,

I ride through unsuspected worlds,

have memories even from days I did not live,

by sure dreams I did not realize.

The yearning is loose; I have to fill the void,

so that I arrive in full to another day waiting for me,

new challenges, new fights.

The new day will be powerful and pugnacious,

unlike me, one day older and not being able to hide

on the face and soul, the marks of misfortune and sorrow,

unrequited loves, dislikes and mismatches.

I will show that I did not renounce the human inheritance,

and, along with dear fellow ones I lived, loved and suffered,

having watered the road even with sweat and tears.

Always sure that we will reach, at the end of the journey,

the promised land, and, unlike Abraham,

who just had a glimpse, we will take secure possession.

Then, dancing and partying,

we will throw to the skies

sound and honest a laughter.

Published in Young Ravens Literary Review, issue 11, Winter 2019.

Published in TreeHouse Arts, July 18, 2020.

Published in the Chamber Magazine, July 9 2021

Published in Rudderless Mariner, November 14 2021

Published in WestWard Quarterly, printed 2023 winter issue 

This poem and all others at this blog, authored by Edilson Afonso Ferreira ©

Photo by Margaret Bourke White

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