An Angel told me

When I cover my ears,

I do not hear the waves of the sea,

I hear your sweet voice.

When I close my eyes,

I do not see darkness,

I see the light of your face

and your smile.

By night, when I fall asleep,

leaving this world,

sadly, I see you leaving too.

Maybe God heard my prayers

and was moved. We will wake up early one morning,

and, despite world’s bitterness,

we will have our land, our house, our bed,

lots of love, laughter, tender kisses and hugs.

Then, maybe, from time to time,

we will let them see (those who envy

and never care us),

even a little of the tears we will share.

Published in Active Muse, Varsha (Monsoon) July 11 2021

Published in West Ward Quarterly, summer 2021 printed issue

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