Rewriting Paradise

-Pandemic Midsummer Night’s Dream-

We found ourselves in the deserted streets,

and twinned in the challenge and fearlessness

to the enacted isolation.

Compelled by the oddity of the moment,

we delighted in such a privacy,

fruit and reward for our boldness.

Our love blossomed, suddenly and calmly,

honest, pure and original,

–  secluded inhabitants, entrusted by destiny –

to start a new world.

Let time stop, give this dream a lot of rope,

like the new toy we get for Christmas.

Don’t be lost the magic, take root in the ground,

bathe in the water that blesses, baptizes and revives.

Let it be heir to the best of our stories,

the best of our hopes.

Published in Subterranean Blue Poetry, volume IX, issue III, March 01, 2021.

Translated into French as Réécriter Le Paradis, published in Poésie Bleue Souterraine, March 01, 2021.

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