The Postman and the Artist

On “Mailbox on a ranch near Farson, Wyoming, Sep 1941”,

photo by Marion Post Wolcott.


A lost mailbox in the Wyoming hinterlands.

Portrait of a world that was forgotten,

although here we are remembering it.

An artifact that, nowadays, lost its importance,

replaced by Internet, WhatsApp, Instagram,

and, in truth, something else that it could be.

There was a postman, who traveled this path,

took letters and bills, baptisms, wedding

and funeral invitations; followed up on lives,

deaths, loves and dislikes.

One who didn’t know that, someday, a woman,

an artist named Post, would immortalize the way

where he had worked and shared news,

besides, indeed, secrets and confessions

no one ever dared to dream of.

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