Guilty a Heart

So many beauties spread by the way,

I cannot pass without enjoying one by one.

Indeed, there are some ones so beautiful that,  

besides to enjoy, should be also worshiped,

tribute and respect to the Common Creator.   

Unhappily, I have amorous and stubborn a heart,    

perhaps a delinquent one,

used to falling in love almost every day.  

Could it be hard and insensible,

just as almost all of them,

so I would pass fast and safe,

impassible and passionless.

But it usually picks up a song,

from unknown a spell,  

fairy music of the wind, or, who knows,   

resurrected Ulysses’ mermaids singing,

that, poor me, I cannot resist.

So I go, amazed and fascinated,

sometimes on despair and strained,

along with loving brothers and sisters,  

daily struggling to move hard    

and harsh the wheels of time.

(First published in Red Wolf Journal, Aug 8, 2021)

Published in West Ward Quarterly, spring printed issue 2022

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