Hark! The Lark!

On the Watercolor “A Voice from the Cliffs”, 1883, by Winslow Homer.

Three young women standing on a hillside,

no doubt fisher girls at a break in their daily tasks,

spellbound and transfixed by the call of a skylark,

strain and ethereal sound that descends

from its hovering flight.  

Fascinated and worried, they certainly think

on people’s ancient beliefs that some bird’s songs

foreshadow a bad omen, or at least, warn us

for dangers in the future.  

Painted scene by Homer, in his summer season

at the fishing community in Cullercoats, England.

But now we know that these well-shown concerns

did not materialize.  

Winter and tempests which followed did not weaken  

the vigor and healthy yearnings of so industrious

and happy that community.

An example for all of us, not worry on winters

and tempests, that will, undoubtedly, be frightening us,

by upcoming days and scenes of our lives.

Published in The Ekphrastic Review, June 22th 2022


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