Suddenly it is the day you were afraid of,

that you questioned yourself from so long,

doubting your strength to face it.  

Now it is clear you should not had worried,

you missed happy hours you could have had,

forever lost.

You did not know, but always were in your hands

the tools and weapons to win the fight you feared,  

that ambush traced since old times, by they

who neither loved or wished you good things.      

We know they planned to eliminate you

and make life easier for them and their acolytes.

Really, your presence nowadays surprises them,

who never expected seeing you alive and stand up.

They are not aware your spirit has been blessed  

since ancient ages of justice and righteousness,

what they would never be able to understand.

Moreover, they did not even dream    

that venomous and merciless your ancestors   

could put you on alert and guide your hands.  

Be sure your strength astonished them,

besides all who witnessed your struggle.  

You built secure pillars that will last forever,

for entire your offspring.

This poem and all others at this blog, authored by Edilson Afonso Ferreira ©

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