The Christ I love more

We must follow Christ and learn from Him,

unquestionable Master of love and tolerance.

Son of God, yet a brother, He bequeathed us

divine words and deeds that survive forever.

The way He loved us, great and pure,

no one had or has ever equally leveled.

His sacrifice on behalf of humanity,

that of then and of coming times,

unworthy and infidel ones, perhaps,

just by this,

took Him to redeem us from bitter destiny

But, aside from His Divinity,  His Grandeur,

do not forget the passage of Matthew 21-12,

when He entered the temple of His Father.

Then, not by a conversation or dialogue; there,

“He cast out all them that sold and bought”,

“overthrew the tables of the moneychangers”.

I love this Christ,  so human and so brother,

Who did not conceal His anger, as one of us.

By now, in our time, to honor our Lord,

we have failed to call up one Saint Fury,

like that of our Savior.

Published in TWJ Magazine, October 2014 issue.

Published in Dead Snakes, February 07, 2016

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