Zola’s Mission

Two years ago, my wife brought home a dog.

Her name, Zola, a black female, smart and active.

Then, I scold and inveigh, for I had never liked dogs.

Unwilling by me, she remained in the backyard.

We have three beloved sons, and, last week,

by a big muddle, they fought and thumped.

My wife, nervous and strained, abandoned home,

leaving me and going to one apartment we possess.

By night, I phone her and ask why she did not take Zola.

It is an apartment, she said, really a big one, but

Zola does not fit here.

Take her, I said, it is a matter for you to solve.

Then, eleventh, she passes by the corridor and says:

I am back home, will remain with you.

I learned, once more, that, in my life,

all has had a reason to be,

even and just an animal.

Zola rescued a thirty-five years’ marriage.

By Edilson Afonso Ferreira.

Published Newsletter TWJ Magazine, October 2014.


Published in The Lake, October 2015 issue.



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