On Politics And Borders

Smile, you’re on camera,

it makes no sense to me,

unsuitable and poor a slogan.

I am not contented, for sure not happy, on seeing

so high this lack of solidarity among humans,

this extreme wickedness that dwells in our hearts,

or, even worse, for those heartless ones,

that dwells in their dry and rigid minds.

Sad at rapacious and ruthless business men,

only having eyes for the profits, uncommitted

to the human accomplishment as a whole.

I am not able to wear a smile on my face, feeling

my entire soul crying for daily evil’s perversions,

from so-called brothers, unable, even today, to learn

simple lessons of good will.

Sad for politicians unsuitable to overthrow frontiers

and barriers among nations, from so long increasing

pride and arrogance; what we should know it happens

due to a questionable and unfashionable nationalism,

fathered by ridiculous absolute rulers and dictators,

also, sometimes, by unsuspected elected presidents.

Published at Creative Talents Unleashed, as Featured Writer,. February 18, 2017.


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