Unplanned Feelings

The world did not know, nor did we,

until today, of our kinship,

soul mates by birth, although unknown

to each other, so long separated by fate.

Our eyes betraying us, shining by an announced

and foreshadowed sin, our hearts beating loudly,

strange emotion reddening our faces.

We know it is presage of love,

Lord of all of us humans.

Presage also of unhappy days of sorrow,

for a man must not betray an old friend

and a woman must honor her husband.

Story that recalls old prohibited affairs

suddenly reborn in unsuspected parties

to incautious people like me and you,

quite unable to hide their feelings,

letting go so late lit a flame.


Published in Red Wolf Journal, March 11, 2017.


Published in Fêlan, issue 11, May 19, 2017.


Published in Tree House Arts, Jan 31, 2018


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