Cherished Desires

I feel I could never be related to owls, bats

and wolves, or other nocturnal animals.

I love at daylight to stare at the world face to face,

entirely visualizing all its beauties.

I love the sunrise that dispels the blackness,

exposing and revealing everything,

without shame, measure or prudence.

I love to feel that we’re on the road again,

to a future we aren’t aware of, but confident

in one Almighty who, closely and amorously,

hidden and discreet, maybe even shy,

drives and guides all of us.

I love the noise of people on streets and alleys,

corners and places,

jointly seeking to move the hard wheels of time.

I prefer love vows made clearly under the sun

than those made in the rapture of night passions.

I must confess that, on some sunny days,

and a blue sky,

I dream of riding the winds high and high,

looking for the lost realms of Paradise.

Published in the Sept-Oct. 2017 issue of Indiana Voice Journal.

Published in Whispers, January 21, 2018.

Published in Tree House Arts, April 11, 2018

This poem, and all others at this blog, authored by Edilson Afonso Ferreira ©

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