Your Earthly Days

At your birth, you frightened people

by loud and harsh a cry, clamoring

at the loss of the motherly warmth

and arriving, without prior consent

in a strange, indeed bright new world.

Since then, immutable fate, which

always writes the history of our days,

has given you, besides your family,

your friends, lovers, also enemies.

This, with little of hard a toil and

unfailing faith, is fated to bring you

the lot awarded to all of us: doubts

and fears, defeats, and, sometimes,

some triumphs and glories.

Expect the usual pitiless pain, but

never abdicate to pursue happiness,

although always hidden and furtive.

Prior to all, remember Eternity remains

in the Lost Paradise, far beyond us.

Valorize your earthly days, never denying

those dark and dull ones; they are like a fee

for being alive; they are our Star of David, that

we must not refuse to carry.

Blend them with the happy ones, smiling

and going ahead, fearless and audacious,

just as a man must be.


Published in Red Wolf Journal, April 7, 2017.

Published in the Sept-Oct.2017 issue of Indiana Voice Journal

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